Let’s take a look at Bond payments – how to add bond payments and how to “Release” them out to the parents when a child graduates or leaves the centre.

Where to find?

Finance & Accounts > Bond Payments

How does it work?

Adding new bonds

Click on ADD NEW button and enter all the relevant details including the date and amount for the account. Save the details.

New bond payment will be added and shown as below. All new bonds that are added should have a Release for use button displayed next to them.


Bond details

Releasing a Bond

Search for a given bond using Child or Payee filter.

Click on Release for use button

The released bond will be created as a Credit note (pending to be applied).


This credit note can be used towards invoice payment as normal.

Reports – Transaction list report

In order to view the transaction history, navigate to Reports section to view the credit note payments that have been applied so far.

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