Credit Notes

To advise any payees whose accounts are in credit, create a credit note.

  1. From the Finance & accounts module, Click on credit notes

The are several options to perform from this view

Credit notes view

Action buttons add new credit note – Adds a new credit note record

Reset credit note – Resets the search filters to nil

Search credit note – Command to search after you used the filters.

–       CN number

–       Child

–       Payee

–       Start & End date

Filters to assist in narrowing down your search
Click on the CN number to enter the Credit note Credit note statement
  1. To Create a credit note:

From the Credit notes view, click on ADD NEW, Select Child, payee with a description and the add an amount, Click on Save and Continue

Adding a credit note

From the Invoices:

  • When receiving payments that are more than the due amount, you will have an option to save the surplus amount as a credit note.
  • A check box with a description will ask if you would like to use your in-credit amount

Using credit note in receiving payment

Credit note payments will be deducted from total pending payment amount and the invoice will be updated as follows

Credit note in invoice



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