Enrolment Enquiry

Eliminate re-entering enrolments using Juniorlogs digital enrolment form.

Record enquiries digitally and have them available in the system for further management and completion of your enquiries.

  1. Tap Child Enrolment Enquiry button from the kiosk. The parent needs to fill in all the compulsory fields.
  2. They can complete the entire form digitally or they can fill in the required fields and tap on Save for later.Enquiry form
  3. This enquiry will create a copy under the list view section saved as an enrolment enquiry
  • From the list view, click on enrolment enquiries
  • Click on ENROL NOW to update an enquiryUpdate enquiry status
  1. The enrolment link can also be embedded on your website

Upon looking at your website, visitors can link on the enrolment enquiry link a fill in the form directly from your website. This also saves re-entering data or double handling for administrators.

  1. Digital enrolments and enquiries have all required areas enrolees need to sign up. There is also a standard privacy statement disclosed at the end of every form.
  2. To add more information, we have added another area named “other” for you to disclose any further information for enrolees to be aware of. This can be customised and formatted using the available tools demonstrated below.
    • From the settings module, click on edit centre
    • Select the Kiosk and Form settings tab
    • Scroll down to other informationcustomized info juniorlogs

Add in specific centre information for sign ups to be aware of. This is also handy for having any seasonal information related to your centre.

customized info in online form



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