Invoices and Payments

Add Carry Over Balance from another SMS

How to add carry over balance from another SMS:

1. Add carry over balance with the first cycle of fees and generate invoice

  • Menu >List View/ Quick Links >  Children
  • Select Child  > Accounts and Fees tab > Add New Fees

  • Add New Fees: Select option from dropdown – Carry over balance from another SMS

Fill all fields as shown in images below:

  • Select the same date as the fee which is already created to add carryover balance to the same invoice .
  • Select one-off button to generate fees only once

  • Fees is generated. > Save and continue
  • Menu > Finance and Accounts > Update and recreated invoice
  • Invoice is generated and is available for payments.
  • Under Finance and Accounts >Accounts > Invoices
  • Generated one invoice for both fees

2. Add Carry over balance directly:

  • Under Finance and Accounts >Accounts > Invoices > Click Add New (button in green at top right)


  • Add new:
  • Add Invoice: Enter all the details and select Add Fee

  • Pop -up will come up for Add New Fee
  • Enter details as shown below > Click Add >Save and continue
  • Under Finance and Accounts >Accounts > Invoices 

It will create different invoice for the carry over balance.

How to finalise invoice and receive payments

Login to Juniorlogs SMS
Menu > Finance and accounts > Select Invoices tab.

The invoices created will be in Draft Status

  • To Finalise invoices
  • Select the checkbox for one of the Draft invoices.
  • Click on Finalise Invoices button.

Or to do in bulk

  • Click Invoice number checkbox and select Draft checkbox and click on Finalise Invoices button.
  •  The invoices in Draft status changes to Awaiting payment
  • To Receive payments
  • To pay an invoice, Click on the receive payment and fill in the fields.
  •  We can apply payments to finalised (Awaiting payment) invoices only

This pop-up will show you if the payee is in credit by as well.

Receiving paymnet receipt

  • Select Email option to email the invoices and receive payments from parents





How to send account statements

You can send account statements for each of your accounts through Transaction list.

It displays all incoming and outgoing transactions that occur within your service. This list is displayed per payee and it can be further narrowed down using the date selection filter or whether you are after Invoice or Payment transactions.
Login to Juniorlogs
Menu > Finance & Accounts > Transaction List tab
  • Select a payee from the drop down to narrow your search

(WINZ option is also available from the drop down)

  • To view the payment details, Select Payment tab

Payment details popup will display the invoice details like this shown below.

  • To view the invoice number reference code, click on Reference (in blue).

  • Print, Email and Export options are available for extracting the transaction list further.
  • Print and Export will allow you to print the list and export it out to Excel.
  • Email option will allow you to send the list in an email to the parent/payee.

How to work with Credit Notes

To advise any payees whose accounts are in credit, create a credit note.

Login to Juniorlogs SMS
Menu > Finance and Accounts > Accounts > Credit Notes tab
  • Select the filters and click Search
  • Click on “Show used credit notes” to view used credit notes
  • Click on CN number to view the credit Note

How to add a credit note
  1. On Credit Notes tab > Select Add New button
  • Add Child, Payee, Issue Date
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Save and Continue

2. From The Invoices:

  • When receiving payments that are more than the due amount, you will have an option to save the surplus amount as a credit note.
  • A check box with a description will ask if you would like to use your in-credit amount

Under Invoice tab > Select Invoice Number > Receive payment > Tick Checkbox  Allocate from credit note on the pop-up > Add

Credit note payments will be deducted from total pending payment amount and the invoice will be updated as follows



How to update PAID invoices

Menu >  Finance & Accounts > Invoices

  • Receive payment for any invoice.

Under Finance & Accounts  > Update /Recreate Invoice

  • Select the invoice period and child name of above paid invoice.
  • Click on Update/Recreate Invoice

Warning message is displayed, if the invoice for the selected period is in paid status.

Click on Cancel button to cancel recreating invoice

Click on Proceed button to update/recreate invoices.

  • This will remove the payment and update/recreate and the invoice is in Awaiting Payment status.
  • If payment reference on the invoice is removed, the received amount is treated as overpaid.
  • If the invoice was paid using a credit note, the removed payment will be seen under credit notes


How to send invoices to parents

Menu > Finance & Accounts > Invoices Tab

Select filters and click on Search button

Print, Email and Export options are available for extracting the Invoices further.

  • Print and Export will allow you to print the invoices and export it out to Excel.


Email Invoices to parents;

  • Email option will allow you to send the list in an email to the parent/payee.
  • Select Invoice number checkbox and it will select all the invoices on the current page
Selecting Email button > Email Detail invoice
  • Selecting will give you pop-up which includes Invoice number/ Payee name / Payee’s email id
  • You can change Invoice footer or keep the same
  • Send button will send invoices to the email id’s present on the list