Roster and Contact Hours

Set-up Staff Roster and Contact hours Recording

How to set-up Staff Roster in Juniorlogs

Menu > Staff Records > Roster

Staff / Educators – Shows Staff details and qualification

  • Select Staff/Educator for rostering by right clicking on staff on screen
  • Select Add Staff option and add staff from the box comes-up on right by clicking the plus sign “+

Roster Page:

  • Hovering mouse in Time column shows the requirements of the day ; Under 2 , Over 2, minimum staff required ,minimum qualified staff required and qualified staff required for maximum funding.
  • Assigning Duties to staff on roster ; select the cell and choose options – Contact Hours , Break, Sick Leave , etc

  • Copy the roster from the earlier months saved rosters.
  • Select Create Roster From -To date and in Copy from field select the roster to be copied from  and click Go
  • Save it
  • Select Email option to Email roster to staff
  • Select Print option to Print as weekly roster from the right tab