Kiosk for administrators

From the admin view this roll call displays a head count of all the children present in the centre and can be used to check a roll call in case of emergencies.

In a situation where parents forget to sign their children in and out Administrators also have the option to sign children in using the kiosk admin view.

On your tablet open up the kiosk

  1. From the Attendance module tap on Start Kiosk
  2. Tap on the red admin button

    Kiosk for admin

  3. Enter centre password and tap on admin view
    confirm admin password
  4. Administrators can sign children in and out

    Admin roll marking

The total number of children will be displayed from here

For administrators if there has been no activity for 1 minute the session will expire and log you out.


The Ministry of Education still requires the blue ink signature. In this case

5.From the Attendance module, Print out the Kiosk attendance report at the end of every week or month and request parents to verify this by signing it.
Kiosk weekly attendance report

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