Release notes 18 October 2019

Booking Forecast

This view allows you to check the booking space availability for a selected time period. The Age Category and Time slot view selection allows you to check the availability for Total children or Under 2s age group, with a breakdown of Morning/ Afternoon or Hourly sessions.

ECE Booking forecast

Using Booking forecast report for vacancy enquiry
This view displays

  • Weekly Bookings – summary of bookings for week by hourly or sessional intervals
  • Availability – summary of vacancies or bookings over a given week period.

Filter Options –

  • Total/Over 2
  • Hourly/ Sessional

To make it easy for you to identify the vacancies – look for the Blue coloured slots. Green indicates that you are running at full capacity.

Please note that this view is primarily meant as a forecast tool, not as a report that will report for the data in the past. Therefore the figures on this view, if printed for past dates, should not be balanced or compared against any of the booking reports.

This view is also based on the assumption that the child will leave the centre when they turn 5.

Check this out under the Funding menu option.


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