Release notes 22 July 2019

Dashboard – Financials Tab

This dashboard displays three separate views to help track the financial performance. It provides an easy way to get a more granular view of the service income.

financial dashboard invoicing and funding ece

Income from Invoicing
Here the income amounts for each of the invoicing categories Draft, Awaiting Payment (Finalised) and Paid is displayed for a given pay period.

Total Income
Here the invoicing amounts (Awaiting Payment + Paid) for each month is calculated. It is then displayed in form of monthly totals.

Weekly Funding
For each category – Under 2s, Over 2s, 20 Hours ECE and Plus 10 – this view provides a detailed calculation of the weekly funding amounts.

We recommend you check out the Financial dashboard in sync with the Funding projection – from FCH calculation menu.

Funding projection

Monthly FCH calculation

This module calculates the funding – based on a. selected month and b. the teacher ratio funding level.
It provides a detailed view for each of the ECE Funding types – Under 2s, Over 2s, 20 Hours ECE, Plus 10 hours and their funding amounts.

funding projection ece


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