Release Notes for 6 September

What’s New

Staff Hours Summary Report

We have implemented a new report “Staff Hours Summary Report”.

This report shows you the required and actual staff count of both qualified and non-qualified staff for each day of a selected week. You can choose to have this report based on Roster or Contact hours data.

The report also indicated the staff hour count based on the following colours flags:

Red flag -Not Enough Staff
Blue flag – Extra Qualified Staff
Yellow flag – Extra Non-Qualified Staff
Green flag – 44A Applied

Staff hours Summary

Staff Hours Daily Summary Report

We have implemented a new report Staff Hours Daily Summary Report. It shows the qualified and non-qualified hours along with the qualified staff ratio percentage for each day.

This report shows the data based on the saved Contacts hours.

Staff hours count daily


Funding Projection changes

We have made changes to the Funding Projections so that the advance days count is reflected based on actual open days (for eg. excludes term break holidays).

funding projections

20 Hours ECE report changes

We have now added all the three years and above children to the 20 Hours ECE Report and it will show zero-hours against the children who are not attested for 20 hours ECE yet.

The children who have zero hours will be highlighted in Yellow.

20 Hours ECE

Ethnicities have been arranged in alphabetical order:

We have now changed the order of ethnicities to display the order to first show New Zealand European and Maori and then the alphabetical order starts from the letter A.

This will make it a lot easier to find and select children’s ethnicities when enrolling/updating their records.

ethncity ordder

FAR overview changes – Monthly Filter is now available again!

The report will default to the previous month. You have now the option to select any previous month to view any historical data.

Select Month FAR

  • We have now Introduced another checkbox named “Hide History” when it is enabled you will be able to see a single month view.

Hide History

Discretionary hours changed from 40 to 80 for the pay period June 2021 – Sept 2021


As per the Education Ministry’s update, we have increased the number of Discretionary hours from 40 to 80 hours for the pay period of June 2021 – Sept 2021

Discretionary hours

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