Changes to Child Records view Enrolments & Health tabs


This release includes a lot of page view changes under Child records section. In order to make it easier to work through Child Enrolments, we have now got the following changes made to the page:

  • Active enrolment has moved to the very top, making it easier to follow current enrolment for a child. This will help you avoid unnecessary scrolling on the page.
  • All past booking schedules show up as a list. More information on any one of them can be obtained by expanding their view.

Child Records view Enrolments
Viewing booking schedules: Click on the booking schedule area to expand and see more information, this works for both – previous and Active bookings. The new view allows you to efficiently input the data while aligning 20 hours ECE hours where applicable

Viewing booking schedules

Add new booking schedule: Click on the Add New Booking Schedule button to open a new schedule entry.
Add new booking scheduleAdd new booking schedules

Health tab

1. The tabs have moved to a wider view: Click in the field to add information.
The tabs have moved to a wider view

2.The Immunisations section has two new fields – Date and Comments

two new fields

  • Select a date to reflect when the information was entered and saved into Juniorlogs.

3. A new Medicine section has now been added:
A new Medicine section has now been added