Release notes for 13th October

What’s New

Introducing the Income Report by Fee Code: Gain Deeper Financial Insights!

This report allows you to view the total fees charged under all fee codes. It can be viewed for a specific child or for all. A custom date range of your choice can be selected.

It can be accessed through:

Introducing a Time-Saving Feature: New Transaction List Email Template!

A new email template has been incorporated for use whenever emailing transaction lists. A default text will pop up saving you time and hassle when doing for multiple children.

Please head on to your Centre settings – Invoice Settings – Scroll down for the transaction list email body template and review for any change needed. Please hit Save and the changes will be visible on your transaction list page.

Additional Option: Include Child Last name Only on Invoice Footer!

Now, you have the option of showing a child’s last name only on the invoice footer. If you wish to use this, please check mark the following option in settings:

Split Booking: Adding multiple sessions in a day!

Now, you can add a split booking for a child i.e. if they are to attend multiple sessions within a day. You can work with your Split bookings just like your regular Bookings. 

For more information on how to add a split booking, please visit:

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