What’s New

New improved Roster!

We have now a living roster page 😊

Doing your rosters for the week has become much more efficient and faster with the new columns that we have added. Now you can check requirements and ratios while assigning duties in one glance.

We have added 3 new columns: 

  • U2, O2 – where you can see the # of booked chidren vs # of actual children

  • Required Quals – Number of certificated teachers required based on 100% ratios

  • Ratios – Qualified teacher ratios based on the saved data – shown per 15-minute slot to manage your staff duties efficiently

U2, O2 column

Under 2s booked and actual and  Over 2s booked and actual -> where the actuals are shown in brackets.

U2 booked (actual), O2 booked (actual)

Once you have changes on the attendances/absences/holidays, this information will update as well. Refresh the page if necessary and save the roster to recalculate/update the information.