What’s New

Updated Privacy Statement – Based on He Panui’s update stating that all services should include a privacy statement on Enrolment Agreements that meet the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020, this has been updated in Juniorlogs under the Centre Settings for new enrolments. 

Digital Enrolment
is now made much easier and more efficient!

With Juniorlogs, we have made it easy for both the parents and the centres to do digital enrolments. Now, we have added the ability for the parents to send the documents digitally along with the enrolment form. Parents can upload documents, pdf files and pictures, and upload as much as they can. These will be uploaded to their records under the Documents tab once enrolled to the centre. Thanks to your requests, we have made the digital enrolment much more efficient! 😊

Please note: With regards to Privacy Act 2020 and the Ministry’s latest guidance on what we are allowed to store and keep on records, please use this feature that complies with the latest guidance and your centre policy. 

Transfer overpayments and credit notes from one payee to another

We have added the ability to transfer overpayments and credit notes from one payee to another. Now it is easier to transfer credits to another payee and if you want to switch to another payee as well.