What’s New

Sort by Arrival Times on the Attendance marking page

We have added more sorting options on the Attendance Marking page. Now you can sort the attendance list by the arrival times. It will list the children who arrived and attended first down to the last to arrive. This will refer to the Time In column. 

Added Fees filter to the Payee list report

To make it easier for you to track accounts with assigned fees that have already ended, we have added a new filter to the Payee list report. You can sort it by Current for current/active fees, and All to display all active and ended fees. 

Half hourly option available to the Booking/Roll Forecast report!

We have made planning easier and more flexible with the addition of half hourly option to the Booking/Roll Forecast report. We know making planning can be quite a challenge, but with this option it would make it easy and efficient.