Transaction list report

The transaction list view displays all incoming and outgoing transactions that occur within your service. This list is displayed per payee and it can be further narrowed down using the date selection filter provided. There’s also Invoice or Payment type selection for further selection.


1. From the Finance & accounts module, Click on Transaction list

2. Select a payee from the drop down to narrow your search

(WINZ option is also available from the drop down)

3. To view the payment details, click on “Payment details” hyperlink

Payment details popup will display the invoice details like this shown below.

  1. To view the invoice, click on “Invoice number” hyperlink.
  2. Print, Email and Export options are available for extracting the transaction list further.
  • Print and Export will allow you to print the list and export it out to Excel.
  • Email option will allow you to send the list in an email to the parent/payee.
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