Booking & Attendance

Reports showing all information related to your children’s booking and attendance, including FAR report and 20 hours ECE report


Reports showing your list of enrolled children by Age, Gender, Ethnicity and etc.


Reports showing all information about your centre’s children; list of enrolled, waiting and on left status, the all contacts report, medical report and etc

Kiosk Reports

Reports showing all kiosk related information and reports


Reports showing MOE related reports and information

OSCAR Reports

Reports showing OSCAR related information; only visible for Centres that have activated the OSCAR module


Reports showing all information related to your staff; timesheet, hours, contact hours, payroll and ECE return report

WINZ Report

Visitors Report

Staff Time Summary Report

Service Closure Report

Notes Report

Kiosk Reports

Kiosk Pick Up/Drop Off Report

Kiosk Notes Report

Kiosk Fire Drill Report

Kiosk Daily Checks Report

Immunisation Register

Header changes on Financial Reports

FAR overview report

Equity Funding Credit Report

Enrolments by Ethnicity

Enrolment report old

Enrolment Report

Enrolment by Language

Enrolment by Iwi

Enrolment by Gender

Enrolment by Enrolment Status

Children Report

Header changes on Booking Reports

Age List

Age Debtors Report